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I feel kind of funny saying this, because I have a whole lot of books that I'm intending to read One Of These Days (though most of them are in sealed cardboard boxes), but... er... I need something to read.
Specifically, I need something that I can read on the bus to and from work every day. This means it (a) should not be horrifically dense, because I often have not the brainpower at that time, and (b) not be a page-turner, because I need to be able to put the book down and stop thinking about it when I get to work. I suppose I can safely re-read books I've read already, even if I accidentally read them in a single 12-hour sitting the first time I read them, but I would like to read some new books from time to time.

So I turn to you, my flist, for recommendations. Any genre, fiction or non-fiction, as long as it's good but not brain-eating. And also can be comprehended when my brain is, er, not at it's peak.

Bonus points if the physical book itself is light and small, but I'm totally used to carrying paper bricks around with me.